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I'm a simple gal, Florida native and explorer of the sky. I simply love flying and all of aviation from planes, history, physics, weather, engineering, mechanics, all of it!

KLAL is my home airport as well as KBOW. They're my home away from home sometimes c:


The Transformers fandom & franchise has also pretty much taken over my life, and I'm quite okay with that. It's been a fun ride <3

But mostly, I live for my favorite robots daring to be stupid!

TF Animated, the 07 series is my all time favorite part of it tho. It's witty humor, complex characters, and unique art style has had major influence on my own creative style

Pokemon has also been a major influence on my art among many other things as I grew up playing all the games from Yellow to Moon.

My aesthetic be like:

Stamps n junk ->

TFA Stamp by suzidragonlady TF-Give Me Your Face Stamp by rosa-pegasus Sonic Rainboom stamp by AmberApple Faction logo-checker stamp by daughterofMyou Wheeljack by iluvbee1990 Giant Gay Stamp by ConDecepticon Soundwave Stamp by miraibaby Starscream Fan Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress Drive After Drinking Stamp by miraibaby ENERGON STAMP by Metallikato TF Alternative Universes Stamp by RoboMommy Nintendo Junkie by Twilight-Reaper Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Art at 3 AM by blackdahlia STAMP-mechanical pencils by Sister-of-Charity TFA: I support Jazz by Hiddenryu Drawing by Katarina-Mor Pet Dragon Stamp by Sky-Yoshi The Gallery Stamp by Busiris Sarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01 Enemy Ace stamp by JadineR :thumb546174835: LGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Old and New Consoles by DennyVuQuach All Those Lights and Sounds... by Mintaka-TK Florida Deviant Stamp by Ursa-Bear Contrails are Awesome Stamp by UniversalDiablo Console wars. by Monster-Boar Supernatural - FBI by DarkLeesh Respect History Stamp by sugaredheart Turbulence means PARTY TIEM by Muddy-The-Fox Marvel Comics Thor Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Swerve's ringtone by Bellstar MTMTE Rewind stamp by Imber-Noctis MTMTE Chromedome stamp by Imber-Noctis MTMTE Brainstorm stamp by Imber-Noctis MTMTE Whirl stamp by Imber-Noctis Terraria Stamp by badtrane Big Hero 6: Stay Focused by TMNT-Raph-fan Asexual stamp by pulsebomb WW2 Aircraft Stamp by Kant0Kid I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin Airplane stamp by Dinkysaurus I support concorde stamp by googlememan Snap by Totalrandomness Stamp - Pencil+Paper User by firstfear Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Gimp User by firstfear Schuyler Colfax by SirvanaRachana Portal Stamp - Blue by SparkLum 1942 Stamp by nostalgic-neophyte Portal Stamp - Orange by SparkLum pokemon timeline stamp by kuribohspirit Get Nintendo stamp by samuelskanvis Art Block Stamp by Khrinx Dark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJ MLP: Derpy Stamp by BabysMother 8 bit stamp by Cthulhu432 MLP Haters Gonna Hate Stamp by SammieSparxx Stamp - 8-Bit Rock Out by anime-dragon-tamer Stamp: Pyro is a Pretty Girl by anime-dragon-tamer Gentlemen. by SupaSoldier Stamp: New Comic Book Day by tranimation-art Electronic Music Stamp by xXCougarXx A-10 Stamp by pauldy F-15 Stamp by pauldy F-22 stamp by 00X181-033-4-9953XX3 War Thunder Stamp by Minule Flying is freedom by Somethingfake

Oh shi by GeminiGirl83 A-10 Warthog stamp by HYPPthe TFG1 Minibot Fan - Stamp by TheWhovianHalfling

Nintendo 3Ds: Stamp by JazzaX GameBoy Advance: Stamp by JazzaX GameCube: Stamp by JazzaX GameBoy Sp: Stamp by JazzaX DreamCast: Stamp by JazzaX Sega Genesis: Stamp by JazzaX GameGear: Stamp by JazzaX PS2: Stamp by JazzaX GameBoy: Stamp by JazzaX NES: Stamp by JazzaX PS1: Stamp by JazzaX Atari 2600: Stamp by JazzaX N64: Stamp by JazzaX GameBoy Color: Stamp by JazzaX



autobotchari's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Hi ya!

I'm just a gal who's a fan of a lot of things & I try to reflect the things I love in my art, Transformers and aviation, especially, along with lots of retro cartoons/movies, some anime, My Little Pony, Pokemon, Marvel & DC comics, as well as various video games from all consoles. My art tends to be experimental at times as I'm always "winging" it. I like trying new styles and mediums.

I'm also a pilot- or well, training to be one. I have not soloed yet, but that will come in time. I feel more at home with clouds drifting underneath, or when I'm just generally around aircraft. ❤✈

Anyhow, thanks for checking out my DA page of artsy shenanigans ^u^

Requests: Closed.
Trades/collabs: Closed
Commissions: closed.
All for the time being , I have a lot of work to do between school, a job, and life. :C

You can find me on other Social Medias:
Tumblr -
Youtube -…
My Twitter and Instagam are under the same username as here ^u^


Then there's this little ego plane>

I originally designed this nerd back in 2008 as a "TFA" version of Powerglide, but seeing how an official one popped up later in Season 3, I haven't really used him for many TFA stories. Buuut, since a few friends grabbed me into the Facebook Page bandwagon back in 2011 with this robutt, a lot of people there say they like this design (he's really grown on me too ;p) I haven't exactly ditched his aft yet ;p

So story wise, he basically lives in this parallel and slightly alternate universe to TFA's S2 and 3 where things are a little bit wibbly wobbly timey wimey thanks to a certain planet eater. he turns into a tiny RC Fokker Eindecker and ocasionally weilds a (accidentally) shrunken Magnus Hammer.. That's Wheeljack's fault. the rest? You'll just have to wait for my next upcoming comic ;D

But, if you really want, you can check out a much older and rather terrible (and probably not relevant any more, haven't decided yet.) comic I made with him staring in where he's thrown into Equestria totally unprepared. Shenanigans ensue. Here's some random pages from it ;p

A Guardian's Story Adventures Cover by autobotchari The Universal Greeting: Page 1 by autobotchari The Universal Greeting: Page 19 by autobotchari The Universal Greeting: Page 25 by autobotchari The Universal Greeting: Page 17 by autobotchari The Universal Greeting Page: 43 by autobotchari

Oh, and he occasionally tags along with his G1 (and soon IDW/real TFA) self for egotistical airplane (and trukk) adventures!

Art people made of my character designs!!! (•̪┌┐•̪) ->
Night Witch by ChilledFrost :thumb542195409:

Hey everyone, how'd yalls Halloween go for you? Did ya do anything spooky or make the coolest costumes? I completely missed out on my Halloween night due to having to take a final exam so I'm a little bummed I missed my favorite day of the year, but that hasn't stopped me from checking out the local stores for half price candy. Tell me how yours went :D 

And sorry for that art spam the other night, I've been out of town half the month and didn't have access to my scanner, but still wanted to post my Inktober themed pieces before October ended. Hope they looked cool enough for you all, I had a ton of fun making them. And while I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing art wise from here, I'd still like to practice and further develop my skill in traditional mediums while trying new techniques on each piece. Though I still itch to do some digital art, I'm still saving my stub of a stylus nib for some projects I have in the works, tho hopefully my next job turns out to be reliable enough for me to save up for a decent drawing tablet. We'll see tho c:

But hey, on a brighter side, I just got my Student Pilot's license from the FAA! Yah yah, I know, it's not exactly "useful" or as cool and legit as the actual Private Pilot license (PPL) I'm working on, but I can't exactly get the PPL without 1st getting the "learner's permit" of flying. Though with it, once I've flown solo (which may actually be in a few months from now), I'm allowed to fly a single engine plane within certain limits and airspace. It sets me up to my solo cross country flight at the end of my initial training and I get my pretty rainbow Private Pilot license. :D (not joking, the legit thing is very colorful and has art of the Wright Brothers all over it. I love it!) I've never been happier since I've started flying again, I hope you all don't mind me gushing over it every now and then ^^; Tho right now I've got to work on studying for my FAA exam next week, so there won't be much art from me until afterwards, I want all my focus on finishing this and the rest of this semester c: 
  • Playing: Zelda Breath of the Wild
  • Drinking: Chai



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Alpha Bravo Inks
Alpha Bravo, Charlie Delta Echo Hotel India Juliet.. oh right, the Aerialbot! 

I thought the cutest, newest member of the Superion squad needed some art love, so here's a quickie doodle of him! I hope we get to see more of him in canon, maybe even give the helicopter boi a Spotlight issue @ IDW ;D
is trying to break an art hiatus, slowly, but I'm making some progress so far! :D 
Just needed to get my hand back in art mode after a bit of a work enduced hiatus.. Who else would I draw ;D

Also gave Powerglide some slight design tweaks. I kinda like him having a lanky figure, much like most younger pilots of ww1 I originally designed him after & it sorta fits his E111 alt mode, plus his optics are sorta more in the shape of DC comics' Enemy Ace's flight goggles c:

ANyhow, I got a bit of practice with some textured brushes, pallete knife, & some hours worth of Bob Ross binge watching... woops! & maaan I can't help but do a skyscape everynow and then! I.. haven't been flying since September & I miss it SO MUCH! ;U;
Started drawing this back in October, never really got around to completeing it until now :'D 

I feel he needs a lot more work, and I may do some touch ups later on, but I felt it's time to move onto other projects :'D
Space Fist Bump
the falcon heavy launch reignited a love of aerospace love I thought years of depression stole from me. I've waned off and on keeping up with the latest NASA launch every now & then, but after seeing falcon lift off from my front yard, and then seeing the 2 boosters fly overhead, followed by the core and some faint sonicbooms, all that enthusiasm I had before 2012 came flooding back.. and then as I started to turn home, trying to take in that pure awesome moment, I looked back to my phone with spacex's live stream.. there he was, starman chillin in his little car, top down, and on his way to adventure the stars 😊🚀I cried a little at that. U go little robo dude

drew him and Cosmos doin a fist bump, cause, well.. Cosmos happened to be on my desk at the time & I've got it planned to vistit Kenedy Space Center one of these days (hopefully during a launch!) and I'm bringing the little UFO with! Mainly cause Animated Cosmos wishes to be an astronaut! ^u^ and tbh... i kinda identify with this little green Autobot,probably even more than I do Powerglide. Dude's a total nerd, not the greatest at social interraction but tries too hard anway, likes Soundwave & shenanigans & abucting unsuspecting cows and humans.. I mean, uuh... Ah well, I had my fun, and I'm incredibly happy with this pic's turn out, I feel it maybe one of my favorites so far :D & plus, when's the last time I've done any legit space inspired art?? 2011? :'D 



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